How to connect Amazon EC2 Linux Instance if you lose Private Key

From AWS EC2 Management Console, click Instances, select the original instance (that you lose the private key) Memo the detail information of the original instance: the instance ID (i-xxxxxxxx), AMI ID (ami-xxxxxxxx), and Availability Zone of the original instance from the details pane. volume ID in the EBS ID field (vol-xxxxxxxx) under Block devices  the details pane. [EC2-Classic] […]


Tutorial: How to install wordpress on AWS EC2 t2.micro instance ? Charpter-2

Charpter 2: How to install a LAMP Web Server on Amazon Linux Now, we will install Apache + MySQL + PHP on AWS EC2 t2.micro AMI. (Clicker here to see Charpter 1: how to install AWS EC2 t2.micro AMI) 1.Connect to AWS EC2 t2.micro AMI Using PuTTY (a) Download & Install PuTTY on windows Download URL: (b) After […]


How to install Shadowsocks on Amazon EC2 AMI

Confirm python version 

so we need to install PIP [python 2.7.9 and later (on the python2 series), and Python 3.4 and later include pip by default ] Install PIP 

Install Shadowsocks 

  Config Shadowsocks Server

Add these two lines below

Then tune the kernel parameters

Add these lines below  (example)

Start Shadowsocks […]


How to setup PPTP VPN server on Amazon EC2 Linux?

This blog is about how to set up PPTP VPN server on Amazon EC2 instance (AMI Linux) Install PPTP server

Install 32 bit version

Install 64 bit version [Reference] Edit /etc/pptpd.conf 

This is an example of /etc/pptpd.conf

logwtmp means that you can use last command to check who has logged in VPN […]