How to resovle the error “runtime/win32/PrebuiltRuntimeJs.exe can’t run normally” in win7?

Developement Enviroment: OS: windows 7 Framework: Cocos2d-JS v3.6.1 IDE: Cocos Code IDE v2.0.0 Java: jdk-8u45-windows Ant: apache-ant-1.9.6 Python: python-2.7.10 Android NDK: android-ndk-r10e Android SDK: android-sdk_r24.3.3 When run the cocos2d-JS sample project, I got the error: Runtime D:\your_cocos2d-js_project\runtime/win32/PrebuiltRuntimeJs.exe can’t run normally.   I have done some test like below: Goto find runtime/win32/PrebuiltRuntimeJs.exe and excute the file as administrator, I got missing MSVCP110.dll error.   Then how to […]